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Aviation industry
Individual packaging solutions for air transportation

Air freight places high demands on individual general cargo packaging and special packaging. Safety is just as important as economy. Our packaging solutions are innovative and of high quality, guaranteeing safe and economical transportation of your goods. There are numerous standard solutions, and Four Pack specialises in individual tailor-made solutions, so we can fulfil any demand.

Aluminium and Steel

Automotive industry
Automotive packaging solutions for safe transportation

The automotive industry and its suppliers are as varied as the requirements a company can define for us. Protecting the packed goods and ensuring damage-free delivery are the top priorities. Four Pack provides a large selection of different materials with a range of functions and capabilities. Individual packaging solutions for automotive parts and all types of components for the automotive industry are our strength.

Aluminium and Steel

Industry-specific solutions for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Packaging solutions in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries have special requirements. CPL® and EPLAK® have the option to be equipped for the medical/pharmaceutical sector, where the highest priority is on safety and hygiene. Our products have excellent characteristics in terms of hygiene, waterproofing, and resistance to germs and bacteria.

Our products have excellent microperforation and are therefore also suitable for use in many sterilisation procedures, for protecting pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products.

Used Technologies:

Construction industry: products made to measure

Floor protection:
Made to measure products for floors, steps and windowsills for use in the construction phase during renovations or improvements.

Formwork systems:
The excellent mechanical properties of our products allow them to be used as a good alternative to wood and guarantee a high level of structural stability for construction in pouring frames during all building phases.

Special purpose (self-extinguishing):
Our corrugated and solid sheets have excellent self-extinguishing properties and are also suitable for use in shipbuilding, e.g. as protection for walls and floors.

Used Technologies:

Food industry
Polypropylene for the foodstuffs industry

Four Pack excels as a pioneer in the special development of recyclable polypropylene packaging that keeps all kinds of vegetables, such as radicchio and asparagus, and also meat and fish, fresh during long transportation periods. The particular advantages of polypropylene packaging are:

  • excellent cleanliness
  • completely recyclable
  • tailor-made solutions
  • better stackability
  • Lightweight and durable

Our products are made completely of polypropylene, using exclusively water-based colours and polypropylene-based glues. In this way, the product can be recycled using an economical and biocompatible transformation process. Even if disposed of in a waste incineration plant, the CPL® releases no toxic substances and is appreciated primarily due to its high oxidation properties.

To create packaging designs that ensure effective advertising, our products support the latest techniques in modern printing processes. We thereby encourage your customers to put a higher value on your products and contents.

Pre-punched food-safe sheets:
In addition to our packaging range, we provide a large selection of corrugated and solid sheets in various thicknesses, weights and colours. Each sheet is hygienic and food-safe, and optimally suited to use in the foodstuffs industry. We are happy to adjust the sheets and packaging according to your requests and requirements.

Used Technologie:
CPL® - Cartonplast

Agricultural sector, e.g. tree nurseries
The various usage options include some products that are especially useful in the agricultural sector.

Plant protection:
A special UV cover protects seedlings from small animals and pests during the growth and development phase.

Packaging rolls:
Specially developed for hydroculture systems, these packaging rolls offer an economical solution in the area of advanced land management techniques.

Seedling boxes:
Support for storage and maintenance of young plants from germination to retail handover.

Technologies used: