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Exalite® is the result of a new polypropylene processing method. This procedure makes it possible to create a sheet with a honeycomb structure by thermally reshaping a sheet of polypropylene. This new manufacturing process gives a high level of stability, flexibility, elasticity, and lightness due to low use of material.

Thanks to the special characteristics of Exalite® and because it is completely recyclable, the sheets can be used in various industries - from industrial packaging and carton packaging to the automotive and construction industries. Exalite combines extensive experience using a known material with a new manufacturing process that meets the highest requirements.

At a glance: the advantages

  • sturdy
  • flexible
  • supple
  • lightweight
  • recyclable
100% Recycleable

Examples of use

Take a look at our CPL® hollow core sheets, EXALITE®, EPLAK®, plastic pallets, and other plastic products for the storage and transportation of goods in a practical use environment. Gain inspiration for areas such as the pharmaceutical industry, the automotive industry, the food industry, and other sectors.


Examples of use