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Four-Pack GmbH

Wiechmannsallee 3
D-27798 Hude / Altmoorhausen
Phone: +49 (0) 4484 / 29 99 70
E-Mail: info(at)four-pack.de

In various industry sectors, great value is placed on the flexible adjustment of packaging to the various requirements of the goods being transported. Based on our many years of experience, we supply individual and functional solutions for all transportation systems. Our  versatile textile compartments for modular systems are the first choice for this, with outstanding high flexibility and low weight.

The woven textile compartments can be integrated and offer a high degree of protection for fragile and delicate goods. Because filling and unpacking the individual parts is quick and easy, this facilitates organised storage and quick access, e.g. during assembly. The high material quality, optimum processing, and exact fit of our textile compartments for modular systems can fulfil any requirement.

At a glance: the advantages

  • perfect fit
  • high quality processing
  • high quality material

Examples of use

See our textile production for yourself and obtain an impression of storage in practical use situations. Inspiration for the pharmaceutical industry, the automotive industry, the food industry and other trades that use storage."



Examples of use