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Plastic containers with a base size up to 800x600 mm are mainly used for the transportation and storage of small and medium-sized parts. Our textile inserts for small load carrier containers protect parts that are vulnerable to breakage and scratching, have a high-quality surface and require ESD protection. At the same time, our textile inserts facilitate handling in the loading process for the small load carrier containers.

The compartment structure allows optimum integration into all types of small load carriers. Precise customisation of the textile inserts to fit the shape and nature of the components and mass-produced parts, along with the use of selected materials and suitable attachment systems, guarantee perfect protection for highly sensitive goods.

At a glance: the advantages

  • individually customisable
  • optimum protection for delicate goods
  • selected textile fabrics

Examples of use

See our textile production for yourself and obtain an impression of storage in practical use situations. Inspiration for the pharmaceutical industry, the automotive industry, the food industry and other trades that use storage."



Examples of use